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Verdant Ink: #ClemsonStrong, you're doing it wrong*

When I read posts like the above, I honestly question the welcomeness I felt. Is the Clemson family only a veneer, that only certain members can be considered ‘family’? I’d like to think not.”

really bummed about the way this whole christian team thing is playing out

a few months ago, an article was written that questioned why a coach at a state-funded university would hire religious leaders - a completely valid question that flirted with the law and with the cult-ure of christianity and with “otherness”

today people are taking it as an attack on christians, and as lies that all the players are suffering…

I wish that people would just READ. 

Read read read read and don’t assume you know what people are going to say or what they are implying.

We need to create a space that is safe for all of our students. 



rogierinthedeep said: Ever since I saw your post on the Clemson bucket list I've wanted to run through the sprinklers on Bowman but I have no idea when they come on. Do you happen to know?

Lot’s of good ways to find out :)

Clemson is good people.

Tumblr is good people.

Tumblr Clemson : the best peoples. 


what a pretty little stroll back to my car. #BreathTakingCampus #Clemson


what a pretty little stroll back to my car. #BreathTakingCampus #Clemson

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Botanical garden by NexsiCastillo


Botanical garden by NexsiCastillo

Dear entire nation who is apparently interested in Clemson right now

First: any of y’all who said “THAT’S A CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT! YOU CAN’T DO THAT!!” needs to just leave now, and go read about basic Constitutional rights. 

Second: most of y’all aren’t from here. You don’t get it. 

Our governor, just gave us a wonderful new bill to specifically allowed concealed carry into bars. 

Most people realize that liquor and firearms don’t mix (because it’s already pretty clear that having liquor and fists don’t mix). 

And our town is a very special town. And it is clearly and whole-ly a college town. 

There are a lot more things going on here than “herp a derp but freedom! guns!” 

The new bill has written into it a specific exception saying that bars and restaurants that serve beer and liquor can enact their own weapons ban, as long as they post a sign. 

So now Backstreets: a special place because it is one of the most “town & gown” bars, has done that. Someone who cares about his customers, the citizens of his town, and the students at our great university. Maybe he doesn’t care for them in the way that YOU would but if you are going online to give terrible service reviews and you’ve never stepped foot in our state, let alone our town - you are a terrible dick. 

And here is why. Yes SCOTUS has upheld the 2nd amendment right for citzens to own certain kinds of firearms. 

But also, Backstreets’ owner has a first amendment right to free speech to criticize whoever he wants. 

You too have a first amendment right to free speech to criticize how he did that. 

But if your complaint is that the right to bear arms is in the constitution then you may as well be whistling dixie. That ain’t no persuasive argument. And if your complaint is in the form of going online to give him bad reviews and those reviews consist of how rude his sign was - you’re also being rude as shit. Don’t say the food is bad - you’ve never been here, son. And if you think the right to free speech means the right to be free from criticism of YOUR speech.. then, ugh, get outta here. 

Anyway, a lot of people around here, gun owners included, have said they understand where his frustration is coming from (ust imagine trying to run a business filled with drunk and rowdy 20-somethings). He apologized for writing it like that. And for most of us, that’s that and we are moving on. But now the rest of the country is seeing the picture, and some, surprise surprise, are having terrible responses. 

whyjess said: hello!! i'm basically in love with clemson and it's slowly become my top choice (over my former top choice- ohio state). do you know anything about the animal and veterinary science program? i have a couple of questions about it and i was hoping you would be able to help me out!! thank you!

Hey (as a Clemson grad going to school in Ohio, haha I gotta say go to Clemson! or at least watch the game :P)

I know a few people who did the program and loved it. I know you get A LOT of hands-on work which I think is really important, but maybe some of our followers can talk about it? 


Next to Fluor Daniel

“‘Six Degrees of Freedom,’ a giant unfolding design of aluminum struts in front of the 

Fluor–Daniel Engineering Innovation Building, continues to challenge the subjects of the 

Orange Kingdom with ‘What does it mean?’ Created by Florida artist Linda Howard, the 

sculpture was erected in 1998 during National Engineers Week in honor of members of the 

Thomas Green Clemson Academy of Engineers and Scientists.”

-The High Seminary, Vol. 2: A History of Clemson University, 1964-2000


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Anonymous said: Hi I'm looking into clemson and I'm just wondering.... why Clemson?

I’m sure any of our followers would be glad to vouch for this but Clemson is an amazing place. 

You get the best of both worlds - it is a huge school, with a large campus and a lot of students so there are tons of activities. You can join a college sports team or an intramural one, you can be in band (big band on the football field or jazz band rockin it out), sing a capella or be a DJ, you can join a zillion clubs (dance, robotics, photography, gaming, skating, etc), you can become greek, and if for some reason the thing you want to do isn’t here yet - you can start it. You get the amazing feeling of being in the student section at Death Valley - the most exciting 15 seconds in college football - surrounded by thousands of orange screaming fans. 

But you also get that small town home feel. The city has a great relationship with the non-university affiliated citizens of Clemson. There are lots of good businesses and bars and delicious southern home-cookin. The small towns surrounding us are filled with surprises. There are some amazing hiking trails and camping spots, cute little festivals with home baked goods, kettle corn, and artisian crafts. Greenville is really close by when you need to escape to the city - in fact so is Asheville and Atlanta. 

Living in the dorms your first year can really help this experience too. You get to be really close with the people you live with. If you aren’t really social, its easy to find a quiet place to be, but I really suggest that all students, at least for the first two weeks go to as many things as they are invited to, even if they sound kind of lame. Some stuff is going to be cheesy but that is how you get out there, see things, learn, and get to know people. 

But the things I loved the most about going there was the community I lived in - we offer a lot of specialized communities from transfer students, to honors students, international and exchange students, and science etc. I loved the stuff I participated in. And I loved my classes and my professors. By my second semester I had already started major intensive classes - my professors were amazing and super easy to talk to. I learned a lot.

Clemson’s magic, yo! :)


Baseball is back. Yay!


Baseball is back. Yay!